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Sunday, June 7, 2009

About Finance4Traders

Finance4Traders is a site targeted at traders wishing to build a strategy or model of their own. It shall contain information on trading platforms, technical indicators and quantitative models such as neural networks etc. Hence, the name finance for traders simply refers to the promotion of relevant finance know how for traders.

Unbiased trading research: Bringing open source to trading

These days, there are a lot of internet websites that promote materials and courses purporting to help traders. Yet there are surprisingly few websites that compile and publish, in an impartial manner, the profitability of various technical indicators and trading strategies etc. Furthermore, traders tend to be secretive of their strategies and methods. Hence, the first objective of this website is provide unbiased transparent research so that aspiring traders do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Bridging the knowledge gap

Sophisticated models are often explained in an unintuitive manner in books. Most websites do not explain how they work, but promote some software to that aim to help traders get started. Even if the computer code is freely distributed, the trader might need to run it on highly expensive software such as Matlab or SAS. Part of the objective of Finance4Traders is to explain such models to visitors in a highly intuitive manner and help them build these models using commonly available software such as Excel or NinjaTrader.

A hobby site

Finance4Traders is first and foremost a hobby site. No, we still have not come up with a trading strategy, that we believe is highly profitable. After all, the holy grail of trading is not easy nor quick to achieve. Nonetheless, this website helps us to deposit and keep track of our work, and contribute to existing knowledge and disseminate new knowledge. At this stage, we do not intend to charge for, nor seriously provide any services.

Visitors are welcome to comment and exchange ideas.

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The objective of Finance4Traders is to help traders get started by bringing them unbiased research and ideas. Since late 2005, I have been developing trading strategies on a personal basis. Not all of these models are suitable for me, but other investors or traders might find them useful. After all, people have different investment/trading goals and habits. Thus, Finance4Traders becomes a convenient platform to disseminate my work...(Read more about Finance4Traders)


Anonymous said...

Couldn't find the right words to praising your site. Just came across it looking for more interpretation of the Fisher equation, and found a source of deep exploring and understanding the markets behavior. Many thanks and keep the open and fresh attitude. CUBye

Tommy said...

Hey, I found your site and I bookmarked it immediately.

Excellent. I am currently working on how to use Excel to calculate option pricing, esp. Calendar spread and Diagonal spread. But I've got no idea, any imput?


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